Kickstart your own business

Get the skills and experience you need to build an app, launch a website, or get a cool job at one of the UK's hottest startups in 2021. Open to all 18-24

Part of the Kickstart jobs scheme

Pare of the KickStart Jobs Scheme, a £2 billion pound investment in jobs for young people

Do you have what it takes?

Young Entrepenuers

We are looking for 18-24 year olds with great ideas who want to build something amazing!

Universal Credit

The Kickstart Jobs scheme is available to people looking fo work and on Universal Credit

Energy. Ideas. Passion

Working at a startup is not a normal 9-6 job job, it is a lifestyle  have to WANT

The Programme

What you'll do


Developing ideas

Every startup begins with an idea and the FlexAcademy Programme is no different


Startup sprints

There are different names and approaches, but every start up essentially works on the same principle. Break up big projects into small pieces, identify how to deliver it, and then execute


MVP time

Every idea gets turned into a proof of concept, at which point it then moves to be a Minimum Viable Product. Something that a client or customer will pay money for


Route to market

Every startup needs to generate revenue and prove there is a market for their product and services


Product iteration

An MVP is not a competitive product in most markets, just something that shows potential which must then be developed and iterated, drawing on the experiences of early adopters to build out features and make it a more competitive offer on the market



Perhaps the hardest part of every start up journey is growth - finding new people that share the companies values and can contribute in a meaningful way to the work that has already been done

"The money management workshop has been really insightful as it has helped me learn a lot as it’s covers things you need to know to financially flourish as a young adult "

Participant 18-24 years old
FlexTogether Workshop

" I believe that young people need to know more about how to manage their money and how power money management can affect their future "

Paricipant 18-24 years old
FlexTogether Workshop

"This was my first week at the flex workshop and I really enjoyed it as it gave me a different insight on how to budget and conduct my money in different ways "

Participant 18-24 years old
FlexTogether Workshop

"Last session I thought it was very insightful and easy to comprehend. I found this useful as when it comes to budgeting I find it hard."

Participant 18-24 years old
FlexTogether Workshop

The basics

How much do I get in WAGES

You will be paid the National Minimum Wage, or National Living wage depending on your age. This means you get paid between £700 and ££945 after taxes.


You will be expected to work at least 25 hours per week, which can be arranged around your other commitments and with your team. If you get the work done we don't midn when!

Where is the LOCATION

We are a remote and global team, working in living rooms everywhere from London, to America and New Zealand. There are office locations in London we may rent out for you if it is safe to do so and when necessary - but it is all dependant on circumstances.

What do I need APPLY

Attitude. Energy. Ideas.. That is really about it, we don't care what qualifications you have or don't have, what grades you got at school or where you have worked before. Most of all we want people that are just raring to go like a racecar on the starting line!

When is the DEADLINE

There is no fixed deadline and we will be accepting new 'Teams' of 5-6 people on a rolling basis over the next 6 months depending on the suitability of applicants and capacity. In other words, get in soon or you might miss out!!

What makes us different

We let you lead

FlexAcademy is about the ideas an initiative of each individual. We will give you the tools to to go through each step however we are here to empower and guide, not constraint.

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and we've done this before

Our experience in Fintech has given us time to craft the highest levels of digital and entrepreneurial skills. We are all business leaders in our own right and have gone through this process ourselves! 

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